Guillaume Saunier Interview, Partner Architect


Laetitia MAISON-SOULARD, Research Worker and doctorate in Sciences History at Estate and Inventory Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine gave us the honor to dedicate the Agency 4 pages in her new publication. 

Brunerie & Irissou Architectes team workers plays a key role in the aeronautic sphere and is happy to have  the opportunity to share it with the public. We are so  delighted to be part of the aeronautic industry since the 90s.

At pages 304 and 305, you would find an interview of our Partner Architect at B&I Architectes and would sure learn more about our projects in that so technical and fascinating field. Guillaume Saunier, Partner Architect has been interviewed by the author of the book, Laetitia MAISON-SOULARD.  


You may find the reference of the book mentioned below if you want to pursue it:

MAISON-SOULARD Laetitia, FRIGANT Vincent. L'industrie aérospatiale en Nouvelle-Aquitaine : Un siècle d'histoire et de patrimoine. Bordeaux : Le Festin, 2020 (Cahiers du Patrimoine ; 120). Et éventuellement le lien vers l’éditeur pour toute commande :